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I adore weddings.  Where there is a wedding, there is always a joyous spirit in the air.  Let’s face it, acquiring such an atmosphere can be an expensive task.  Before you fret over purchasing the perfect centerpiece, consider a few of these ideas that require pieces that can be picked up from your nearest florist, dollar store, craft supplier or fabric outlet.

Fresh cut floral are perfect for several options.  For a simple and sweet wedding, place a few fresh cut stems (with twigs and leaves attached) in a small decorative vase that can be purchased from a dollar store. Use the floral petals of the same floral cut.  Place petals on the table near the base of the vase for a romantic breezy touch. Place enough petals so that it appears happenstance yet formal.

If you’ve not become familiar with the amazing selection at dollar stores, now is a great time!  The decorative glassware that I’ve seen are fantastic for creating an amazing centerpiece. For an outdoor or beach wedding use a clear decorative glass (perhaps with a seashell motif), fill with seashells and voila!  Many craft stores such as Hobby Lobby carry a large variety in inexpensive seashells. Personalize such a basic idea by choosing sizes and colors that coordinate with the look of your wedding, i.e. save the date magnets, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, etc.  One very large seashell (or in the center of several smaller sizes) is a great idea for a small or shallow decorative glass piece.

Fabrics with a decorative touch such as chiffon, organza or tulle can transform a simple box or basic glassware into a heavenly vase for a pretty white wedding.  With the help of a glue gun, cover a box, metal or glass container with a white sheer fabric inside and out. Employ ribbon on the inside of the container to control gathering or pleating.  Place a mixture of fabricated and fresh flowers inside of your new draped vase.  Choose flowers comparable to the texture of the white decorative fabric.

These are just a few do-it-yourself ideas to help inspire beautiful wedding centerpieces.  Seek other ideas from other gurus and bloggers of the craft and wedding world.  Remember this is your big day and as long as the centerpiece is as precious as you can imagine, then it’s lovely.

I Do!  Blog Author – Lillie M. Jones

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