1. She Said Yes!
  2. We’re in Love!
  3. He Put a Ring on It!
  4. Wife in Training.
  5. Husband in Training.
  6. We’re Getting Hitched.
  7. We’re Engaged!
  8. Head over Heels in Love!
  9. We’ve Fallen for One Another!
  10. We’re Tying the Knot!
  11. She’s/He’s the Love of my Life!
  12. I Only Have Eyes for Her/Him!
  13. Introducing…Mr. & Mrs. Right.
  14. We Eloped!
  15. It Was Love at First Sight.
  16. We Were Made for Each Other.
  17. We’re a Match Made in Heaven.
  18. He Popped the Question!
  19. We’ve set a date!
  20. We’re Settling Down!
  21. She/He Stole My Heart!
  22. We’re Walking Down the Aisle.

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