Save the Date Magnet Etiquette: Top 5 Questions

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Q1. What COLORS should I use??

A1. You don’t have to have the EXACT color you are using in your wedding for your Save the Date Magnet. You really don’t even need to have the same colors you’re using in your wedding! Selecting and using Save the Dates should be fun!!

Use whatever colors you like at the time. Have FUN!!

Q2. When should I send my Save the Date Magnets?

A2. It depends on the details of your wedding. If yours is a destination wedding, we would suggest you send them out 6 to 12 months in advance. If your date is near a holiday, we would suggest the same. Some are sent as close as 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding date. What is important is that you give your guest plenty of time to prepare for your important date.

Q3. What if I miss this time frame to send out Save the Date Magnets? 

A3. Save the Date Magnets can be given as favors or even included in thank you cards. So, if you

 would like to order the magnets, but feel you have somehow miss your optimal time-frame for sending out the magnets, NO WORRIES, just use them for wedding favors and keepsakes, they still remind everyone about your day.

Q4. What should I put on my Save the Date Magnets?

A4. The most important information is the date and your names. You may consider using your last names to help people identify you. Other important information like the location can be included.  Maybe you’d like a special verse, that would be fun too!!

Q5. Are wedding websites important to put on Save the Date magnets?

A5. Wedding websites can be extremely helpful (and cost effective) in helping you provide information to your guests. That’s why it’s important to send a Save the Date Magnet early on. Your guests will have a website to reference for further information like where you’re registered and hotel information.

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