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Wedding Fiction: Short Stories

Courtesy of I Do!

The Falling

Veronica escaped the doldrums of her vintage condo to take in some much needed fresh air.  She didn’t have a destination; she jumped in her car and drove away.  As she headed toward the main highway she decided that she would exit at the most pleasant wide open space.  She’d taken the right direction traveling south towards the ocean.

This sign seemed larger than the first few; it read “Clearview Gardens Next Exit.”  Veronica surrendered to the call.

“Good afternoon Miss,” said the gate attendant. “My name is Charles … are you familiar with the grounds?” he continued.
“Umm no,” Veronica replied.
“No worries … we offer a day pass for fifteen dollars … you’re welcome to stay until closing which is eight o’clock,” Charles replied invitingly.  He continued with his introduction and a map of Clearview Gardens and concluded with “would you like a Garden Tour Guide?”
Veronica noticed Charles’ dimple in his right cheek when he smiled; she replied, “oh, no … I’m just out for some fresh air.”  Charles was handsome.  She smiled inside and thought she was already having a nice time.

The scrolls of the wrought iron gate offered a peak into the entrance of the gardens where the greenery stood taller to snatch the first applause from the sun.  Veronica abandoned boredom and crossed over to spend the day amongst asters, bougainvilleas, and clematis.

She danced about the garden introducing herself to violets and tiger lilies; only stopping at the cue of the sprinklers for which she joined in for her own need of hydration.
“You’re a very pretty violet,” she said.
“And you as well,” said the Violet.
Veronica thought that perhaps she’d gone too long without water.  She continued towards the red ones- divas; front, side, centered, and striking poses.
One of the roses sauntered towards her and said, “hello darling …  dance with me.”
“Dance with – you? -” Veronica replied hesitantly as Charles appeared.  She was relieved.  Maybe his appearance would cure her desperate need for conversation.
“Are you enjoying the gardens?” Charles asked.
“Oh yes … it’s been lovely … you know … who doesn’t love flowers?” she replied.
Charles smiled and said, “it looks as though you were about to dance with Rosa.”
Veronica’s eyes widened and replied, “Rosa, who – who’s Rosa?”
“We’ve met,” said the Rose.
Charles giggled and said, “it’s a complement to the lovely ones.”
“The lovely ones?” asked Veronica.
A group of orange twinspurs pranced about the aisle and took flight to swirl around and surround Veronica and Charles.
“Kiss him,” said the Rose.
“Wh-aaat?” Veronica whispered in the air.
“She said kiss him …. aaaahhh –” the orange twinspurs sang in unison.  The maestro of the orange twinspurs, summoned Rosa and the roses to join in with dances.  Sundra and the sunflowers hitchhiked on the wind to witness the falling.  The leaves of tropical trees clapped.

Veronica stood stiff while leaning towards Charles in thought alone.  She never wanted anything to be real as much as she wanted this; yet, she could not move.
Rosa the rose yelled, “this is a stubborn one … we need assistance in section seven.”  Philodendron vines crawled away from their wooden braces and towards Veronica’s face.  The leafy parts covered her eyes while the stems puckered her lips.  Asian Guava tree branches grasped her hips and forced them to move left, right and up and down; mimicking Rosa and the roses’ swing.  Its fruits fell to join in song and dance.
Charles began to sing, “I’ve never seeeeen such a lovely one — aaaall of my life –”
Veronica began to sway on her own; she danced with Charles to his melody as petals from pink snapdragons filled her hair.

She kissed him.  His lips were bloom.  It seemed as if she’d be suspended in this moment forever.  Veronica sensed the fleeting life of blossoms and fell unconscious.
A faint voice pierced her psyche, “Miss … Miss … can you hear me?”
Veronica felt wet as she laid in the plush greens surrounding the garden sections.  “Charles?” she said as she regained consciousness to recognize him.
Charles replied, “yes Miss … are you okay? … should I call for medical assistance?”
“Huh?” a dazed Veronica replied.
Charles held Veronica’s left hand and said, “It appears that you have fallen.”

I Do! – T. J. Thompson

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