To Veil or Not To Veil: Traditions, Options, and Alternatives

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To veil or not to veil, that is the question.  While the purists of the traditional bride set dare not consider wedding without a veil,  many alternative brides have considered the veil a hassle at best.  Most brides are actually somewhere in the middle of the traditional and the avant-garde when it comes to the importance of wearing a veil.  Either way don’t forget to send out wedding save the date announcements which are designed to cater to the classic, modern and quirky bride alike.

Traditional veils convey a sentimental mood.  There are many variations to choose from.  Take a look at these popular traditional veil styles.


Lovely Pearl Edged Veil


Vintage Inspired Veil

Simply Sheer

The following veils are options for the bride whose interested in honoring the tradition of wearing a veil yet wishes to convey a modern edge.

Mod Veil

Diva Sophisticate Veil

Chic Simplicity Veil

The indie bride may want to do away with the veil all together.  Creative hair designs and hair accessories such as these offer cool alternatives.

Veil Adornment

Haute Bride

Fascinating Floral

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