Save the Date Wedding Magnets: Top 10 Trends for 2017

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  1. Scented magnets – this is DIY job— add just a touch of your favorite fragrance inside the mailing envelope, however, if you follow this trend, make sure your wedding magnet is laminated.
  1. Magnets with more personality – a storyboard of the relationship – works best with larger magnets.
  1. Off-theme magnets – ditch your wedding colors and theme for an out-of-the-box design (no baby pictures please!).
  1. YouTube Save the Date video URL link printed on the magnet.
  1. Oh God, not another square shaped save the date magnet!!! Trend Headline—think shapes, shapes, shapes… there are many vendors that carry a wide range of magnet shapes – such as this website.
  1. No engagement photo on the Save the Date, however follow-up after the wedding with Thank You magnets that have ceremony pictures. Yeah, yeah—perhaps a bit of magnet over-kill, but it’s cute!
  1. Adding contact phone number to the magnet. Yeap—sounds like a no-brainer!
  1. Embellishing the magnets with beads, ribbon, glitter, etc. – a personal touch! This is NOT to say make your own STD using one of those DIY kits. I personally feel this is your wedding, your big-day, your time to spend, spend, spend (trust me, it’s probably your last free-for-all) so don’t DIY—if you gotta DIY, well…
  1. Signed or initialed magnets, by the bride and groom of course. Ask your magnet vendor to reserve an area on the magnet for this. Be sure to use a permanent felt-tip marker—you can get these in a wide range of standard and metallic colors.
  1.  Printing the words “Save the Date” in a foreign text, such as guardar la fecha (Spanish), sauver le jour (French), etc.


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