Top 5 Save the Date Magnet Trends for 2017

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1. 2017 is the year of Instagram, so think vintage and shabby chic.






2. Use whole photos relying less on graphics and cliche’ clipart. Allow the engagement photo to tell the story.

3. An extension to No. 2, use props like blackboards / chalkboards, old slabs of wood, scribbling in the sand to write the wedding details on. Be sure to use a qualified photographer so that your props work effectively.






4. Be bold and different, press the envelope a bit, besides Save the Dates should show the couple’s personality. A personal favorite is this black and white country western save the date magnet.






5. Shapes are becoming more and more popular! Our best selling magnet shapes are wine bottle, champagne bottles, maple leaf, double heart and postage stamp.  Notice in the following design how the entire photo is used, keeping to trend!

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