Top Wedding Styles: Vintage Weddings

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One of the most popular wedding styles that brides are flocking to is the vintage wedding.  Vintage wedding styles can run the gamut from simple and sweet to extravagant.  Brides are able to use the vintage style by simply adding a touch of antiquity to their modern wedding plans; or go for it big with major nods of treasured times of the past.   Not to be erroneously characterized as retro, vintage weddings have a certain elegance and timeless quality about them.

One great way to employ the vintage style is amongst cool or progressive items such as save the date magnets.  A simple black and white or sepia treated photo of you and your fiance will surely stand out amongst the bright yellow post-like stickers and typical magnets people receive as reminders. Whether you decide on merely a hint of vintage or to go all out, these are options to send you on your way to a vintage dream wedding.

The simple and sweet approach is not only lovely but makes for a very affordable wedding.  This style of vintage wedding is perfect for smaller parties, especially outdoor weddings.  The best sort of settings can be found at cabin grounds, lakes or parks.  It doesn’t require much to pull off.   Choose basic tonal wedding colors such as ivory, beige, sage or rose and perhaps.  The rest is all in the traditional white flower arrangement encompassing your color choices.  Carry this simplicity into centerpieces and table settings by using clear cut glass items.  Lastly, but surely not least, make your entrance with a hint of chiffon or lace in a simple cut though eye catching wedding dress.

Going extensively vintage will take a bit more planning.  Interestingly going big doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.  Costs will depend on whether your taste is for the gilded sort of antiquity versus charmingly so.  Ultra vintage weddings generally require space big enough to host grand vintage gestures.  Your vintage style may be Great Gatsby Chic,  Renaissance, or Baroque.   For each you’ll need a venue that will live up to your wedding expressions.  Resorts, Vineyards, and Hotels offer the best locations for such an affair.  To convey an intentional vintage spirit, you’ll want to choose more intense shades of faded colors to set amongst the traditional concept of ivory, beige and off white.  Complete your color selections with a metallic tone such as gold, pewter, or silver.   Then decorate to the hilt with grand floral arrangements, seating, and centerpieces.  The tableware should reflect a metal such as a gold trimmed plate or eating utensils.  And then, there is your dress!  In this setting, the groom’s tux!  You both must top the decor and arrive worthy of such fanfare!





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