What is New in 2017 for I Do! Magnets?

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Firstly, we’d like to thank all the brides/grooms, wedding planners, photographers, and of course friends and family for helping make our launch year (2012) a successful year! We shipped hundreds of orders nationwide including a handful of international shipments. As with most start-ups, we had our hiccups, nights of hair-pulling, and stiff negotiations with suppliers, programmers, etc., but thankfully all now culminate to a pool of rich experiences that we can tap into as we continue to build our product line and the I Do! Save the Date Magnet brand.

We have paid close attention to customer feedback along the way. ┬áIn response, as we roll into season two, here are a couple things we’re doing better thanks to your feedback:

1) We are collecting magnet personalization details before adding layouts in the shopping cart, see product pages.

2) All 24 + shape magnet templates are available for download, see Design Your Own.

3) Free custom samples are available (w/ free shipping) – no credit card needed, no obligation to purchse, see website header.

4) Upon request, we added 8 new shapes; these are: Mason Jar, Butterfly, Vintage Frame, Single Heart, Scallop Circle, Cocktail Glass, Christmas Tree, and Cupcake. New designs have been uploaded and we’ll contiue adding more fresh trend forward designs in the weeks to come.

Thanks for supporting our business!


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